James Wyatt McKinnon Briggs has arrived…

July 13, 2010

I am so very, very happy to announce the safe arrival of baby James. After a lovely, natural, 4-hour labour in the wee hours of June 30, my incredibly adorable son made his way into the world. He was a tiny bit early at 36 weeks 3 days gestation but that seemed full term after our last experience. He spent 2 nights in the Special Care Nursery due to low blood sugars, but joined me in the ward on day 3. What a beautiful experience this time around. Everything I could dream of.

The statistics:
Weight: 2960 grams at birth, 2665 grams on discharge from hospital
Length: 48 cm
Head Circumference: (remarkably small for a Briggs head!) 33.5cm


32 weeks…

May 31, 2010

I am officially 32 weeks pregnant and no signs of imminent labour! Charlie is all grown up and sleeping in her big girls bed and seems to be looking very forward to her baby brother ‘coming out’.

Chuckles business…We will be at the sisters market in a couple of weeks and hopefully at the Northcote Town Hall Winter Artisans Market. Hoping to see you all there!

Look how far we’ve come…

May 5, 2010

Well, it seems like yesterday that we met the lovely Charlie but on May 13, 2010, my gorgeous little girl will be turning 2. Officially a big girl! Not only is she speaking in full conversation mode, 7 word sentences and doing everything she can all on her own, she has hit the 50th percentile for height for her real age and the 10th percentile for weight. She’ll always be tiny charlie to us but we are so proud of all of her achievements and love every little thing about her. Happy birthday beautiful chuckles girl.

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant. In fact, tomorrow I will be 28 weeks, 4 days pregnant…the exact day that our beautiful Charlie arrived in our lives. Baby boy is bigger than Charlie was already and I have had my steroid shots to mature his lungs so we are feeling very good about a better outcome (not that charlie was not a perfect outcome obviously!) this time around.

On the monkey front, I have been very, very slack but have a reasonable amount in stock if you need to make a purchase. I dragged my stuffing out today and will endeavour to get some newbies into the monkey barrel before the end of the week. Grandma Chuckles is relaxing in sunny Thailand with Poppy Chuckles so nothing new being produced from her neck of the woods either. We will be at the Brunswick Sisters’ Market in June and hopefully the Winter Artisans Markets at Northcote Town Hall throughout June and July. Hopefully, I will be in attendance with one ginormous baby bump to say hello to all of our visitors.

Updated Pages and Sisters Market

April 14, 2010

I have updated the ‘Look at Stuff’ pages with loads of new clothing, toys, play mats and cushions. Check them out and email chucklesdesigns@gmail.com if you would like to make an order or come visit us at the Sisters Market this Saturday, Brunswick Town Hall, Sydney Rd, 10am-4pm. I’ve put a sample of these goodies in this post along with a pic of Charlie Chuckles just because she is sooo beautiful!

Sisters Market

April 10, 2010

Remember to come and visit at the Sisters’ Market next Saturday. Brunswick Town Hall, 10-4, Sat April 17th. Grandma Chuckles will have loads of new stock, quilts and cushions beautifully embroidered with bright characters and animals and more clothing for the little people. I am busy trying to get my monkey stock up. Micro monkeys always sell fast and I will have quite a few but get there early to score yours if mini is what you’re after. Remember, you can get your chuckles goodies by emailing us anytime with your order requirements at chucklesdesigns@gmail.com, pop in and see some of our range at http://www.robinstreetmarket.com or take a trip to Little Shop of Handmade, 8 Woorayl St, Carnegie for your sock monkey purchases and to check out some great local art and craft all under $50.

Updating blog…

March 15, 2010

Sorry for my slackness in recent months, but by the time I make a monkey and photograph it I seem to sell it! Good for me, not very helpful for those of you looking for your favourite monkey, dress, playmat or cushion. I have a big order to fill for Little Shop of Handmade and will then be updating our stock and the blog. Thanks for your patience and thanks to those who came to say hi at Northside Makers on Saturday. See you at the next Sisters Market.

Northside Makers and a brother for Chuckles

March 9, 2010

Well Chucklers, we are finally back in the market circuit after my February Fiasco. Come along this Saturday to Northside Makers Market, Uniting Church, High St, Northcote. Grandma Chuckles has some fantastic new stock, cushions and quilts and loads of new clothing for the little ones, size 1-8 years.

On another note, we had our 20 weeks scan today and found out that Charlie Chuckles will be getting a baby brother, hopefully not for another 15 weeks or so.

Hope to see you all soon at the Northside Makers. Personally, I am mostly looking forward to finding something cute and boy like for newbie to wear when he arrives and pigging out on multiple treats from the Melbourne Epicure stall. Mmmmmmmm, yummy!!

Pregnant Brain

February 9, 2010

Sorry Chuckles Fans! In my pregnant stupidity I had convinced myself that the Northside Makers Market and the Sisters Market were both on February 6. As I had already booked Sisters Market, I didn’t apply for Northside. It only became clear when Grandma Chuckles called for the third time to say she was still sitting at Brunswick Town Hall with no signs of a market last Saturday. Boo Hoo! Silly me seems to have made sure that we missed both February markets. We are hoping to be at the March Northside Makers Market and will as always continue to take orders online. Also, check us out at Robin Street Online Market

New Playmats by Grandma Chuckles

January 29, 2010

Grandma Chuckles has truly outdone herself. She has decided to make all those wonderful things normally reserved for the special little Charlie girl available to the general public. When we moved into our new house with our lovely sparkly polished boards, the poor little Chuckles was banging her giant head all the time as she rolled and crawled around the lounge room. Grandma Chuckles made a beautiful quilt/playmat that cushioned the blow and provided a warmer place for her to play. Even now that Charlie is 20 months old she still protests when the mat needs to go in the wash. Since then, Grandma has made a few for gifts but has now decided to make them available for you! There will be a couple for show and purchase at the Rainbow Artisans Market in Northcote tomorrow and the Sisters Market next Saturday in Brunswick and we will happily take orders. Grandma Chuckles can even personalise your playmat with Name, Date of Birth or a special message for the little one you love.

Exciting News

January 17, 2010

Well, I thought I would make it official. I am expecting another little bundle of joy, hopefully not too little though! I have big plans to keep this one safely inside till at least 36 weeks. We are due on July 29 and can’t wait to make Charlie Chuckles the best little big sister in town. Stay tuned, I will shortly be posting pics of our new stock. Markets coming soon; Midsumma Rainbow Market at Northcote Town Hall, Jan 30 and Sisters Market, Brunswick Town Hall, Feb 6. See you there!