Chuckles Herself

Chuckles Designs is named after the beautiful Charlie Rae Briggs. The much adored daughter of Jen, princess niece of Sally and very spoilt grand-daughter of Barb.

Charlie Chuckles was born in May, 2008, rather suddenly and 12 weeks premature. We would have loved her to bits anyway, but her special journey makes us dote on her even more! She is now a whole year old and becoming cheekier and more gorgeous every day.

Recent News about Chuckles, 14 months on.
Chuckles can be heard saying ‘there’, ‘that’, ‘more’ and ‘bye-bye’ and has recently taken her first steps. The walking generally occurs when I am not looking but the record stands at 8 steps before falling. Stay tuned for more riveting updates…

15 months…walking everywhere, 10 teeth, lots of words, in love with her toes, monkey should really be called manky, a not very big 8kg and perfect in every way.

17 months…thinks she can run, climbs anything and everything, blows kisses, making four eye teeth at once – clever bunny, currently sleeping with Raaa the tiger, Manky Monkey, New Monkey and Baby Monkey.

22 months…talks incessantly in pretty decent sentences, split her eyebrow open on a drawer resulting in first general anaesthetic and 6 stitches, very very independent, must walk everywhere on her own, hosting regular tea parties with delicious play dough catering, sleeping with almost every toy she owns. Still hasn’t cracked the 10kg mark!!!


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