Mathilda’s Market…thanks everyone!

Just a quick note to thank all of those who came along to help make our first Mathilda’s market a great success. What an incredible turn out! Over 160 stalls of such high quality, unique crafts for our favourite little people.

I only spent…ummm, all of my profits on goodies for the kids. Finally scored some green sunglasses for Miss Chuckles from A Teaspoon of Colour, a gorgeous bag of wooden cars for Puddsy and a new hat for his gigantic head from Missmouse. I was terribly distraught to find that after skipping breakfast in the mad rush the only food within my reach was the scrumptious cupcakes made by The Cake Collective, mmmmm delicious!

For all of those crafters trying to decide whether they should give Mathilda’s a go, definitely do! The market was so well-organised and heavily promoted. The experience of the organisers is evident throughout the whole process and consideration is given to both stall holders and market-goers alike. Ample space is provided for showcasing your craft and aisles are wide enough for multiple double prams! Thanks again, Mamma and Grandma Chuckles.x



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