I’m dreaming of a christmas filled with monkeys, sausage dogs, elephants and poodles!

Well Chuckles fans, it has been a long time since I have posted. I have had my hands full with a very refluxy, eager to feed, not so eager to sleep bubba. Grandma Chuckles, however, has been extremely busy in her christmas workshop making loads of wonderful goodies for a series of chrissy markets.

We are at the Northcote Town Hall, Kris Kringle Markets for the next three weeks if you are looking to finish your chrissy shopping. Loads of great, quality crafts for all ages. Come and visit between 5.30 -10pm on Thursday Dec 2, 9 and 16.

Grandma Chuckles will be making her first appearances at the Monkey Markets over the next couple of months. A new area for Chuckles so come along or spread the word about the following locations and dates:

19th December 2010, 10am – 2pm
Kingston Town Hall
985 Nepean Hwy (cnr South Rd)

30th January 2011, 10am – 2pm
Eltham Community & Reception Centre
801 Main Road (cnr Pitt St)


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