So many monkeys, so little time…

Thanks to all of you who came by to doo some early chrissy shopping at the Teeny Tiny Sisters Market yesterday. It was a great day, and I think my decision to only go through the rest of the market twice means I may have even retained some of my profits! Scored some great clothes for chuckles from our neighbour, Knuffle Kid. So lovely, she’ll be the funkiest kid on the block with her new rags.

Grnadma Chuckles received an overwhelmingly good response to her new clothing range and we promise to have more sizes and patterns ready for the upcoming Kris Kringle Markets, and the next Northside Makers Market.

Now, I really should stop procrastinating. In 17 days, we start our crazy cluster of six markets in three weeks. I have to churn out two monkeys a day to make sure you can all get your favourite sock creatures in time for Santa’s big run. See you all then…


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One Response to “So many monkeys, so little time…”

  1. m.e (cathie) Says:

    great meeting you yesterday! hope you had a good day ♥

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